Field Master's Premium Box Kit

The Bearded Feller

Want it all? Here's you're chance to build your collection. This kit has everything we offer in the scents and formulation of your choosing.  This Our Beard Conditioner and Beard Balms are great for even the shortest boardroom or weekend beard. Our Hi-Lather Shave & Shower soap will replace your shaving cream and whatever else you're currently using. One bar and you're hooked. It is amazing. And our Natural Sandalwood Comb is one of the nicest you'll find. Truly an heirloom item if well taken care of. Don't forget about the natural Boar Bristle brush... it'll make you understand your wifes obsession with brushing her hair. It's also great for treating and preventing itchy beard.

Oh, and that Bourbon Wood Beard Wash... It's going down in the books as one of the greatest scents ever created. You can't go wrong on this one. 

Everything in this kit fits conveniently into a hand stamped, muslin drawstring bag. (No it doesn't... I'll throw in an extra). These are perfect for travel and for keeping things organized around the house. Bags are great for absorbing any wayward oil drops and collecting useful items you may need a handy place to store. 

We take pride is helping men look their best by hand-crafting a line of all natural facial care products that are guaranteed to make you look and feel your best. .

What you get: 1 Of Everything. What more could you want? 

1 fl. oz. Bottle Beard Conditioner (Your Choice)

 2 fl. oz Beard Balm (Your Choice)

 1 - 5 oz. Hi-Lather Shave & Shower Bar (4 week soap)

1 - Natural Sandalwood Comb

1 - Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush

1 - 6 fl. oz Bourbon Wood Beard & Body Wash

1 - 5.5" Precision Trimming Shears

2 - 5x7" Muslin Drawstring Logo Bag

Kit Ships in  6x9x3 Brown Kraft Logo/Gift box. 


The Bearded Feller is here to help you care for your beard with a line of all natural beard products guaranteed to make you look and feel better than your wife's loofa. Our oils are made for all skin types, even you sensitive fellers. Our oils are guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your beard and your skin. Don't be scared of the oil, It's where every good beard starts. Our scents are manly and rugged, but are understated and upscale, so they fit right in whether you'e out in nature or exploring the urban jungle. 

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