About Us

About The Bearded Feller

We began this company after encountering one too many beard products whose promises did not live up to the rigors of daily life or they were simply subpar. We needed a way to soften and tame the beard, while also maintaining our dignity in smelling like a man, not a bottle of lotion.

Using the highest quality carrier oils and essential oils we can source, The Bearded Feller has been creating a quality line of beard and skin products since late 2014. These products are proven to condition and soften the beard, while also repairing and rejuvenating the skin underneath.

The essential oils used in our blends are specially chosen for their masculine scent, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. We have seen tremendous growth over the last year and plan to continue that trend over the coming years as we innovate and improve on our already stalwart mens care product line. 

About Me

I am a father, husband, son, and little brother. I am a  Secondary Ed. Teacher, U.S. Air Force Veteran, amateur BBQ cook, aquarist, disc golfer, duck hunter, lover (not a fighter). I am the son of Martha Conrad Bartz, a Leukemia survivor, who has been grateful for the opportunity benefit from an anonymous bone marrow donation from a human who just happened to be a match. I believe in the miracle of medicine and prayer. I believe in God. I believe the children are our future (you can sing the rest), I strongly believe in giving back to the people and community around us, the great state of Arkansas, and these great United States. 

Beard On, 

Sean Conrad