Small Batch Colognes

Small Batch Colognes by The Bearded Feller 

We are proud to announce our new line of Small Batch Colognes by The Bearded Feller. Our batches are made in limited runs – Just 47 bottles at a time – in order to to bring you the finest quality scents and unique bottles available. Each bottle is hand numbered with batch and bottle number and contains the species of both wood labels on the bottle tag.

Every part of our cologne begins as part of nature: from the grains used to make the ethanol, to the sustainable trees and plants used in our natural scent formulation. This is in keeping with our desire to always remain close to nature, regardless of where life takes us. This scent is more of an experience than simply a scent. It will take you on a journey through some of the finest legendary clubs found along the Mississippi Delta with scents of aged cedarwood, mellow bourbon, oakmoss, and sandalwood combine to make a fragrance that’s both dapper and suited for everyday wear.

Small Batch

Our batches are made in limited runs – Just 47 bottles at a time – using both cold pressed ingredients and distillation method to bring you the finest quality cologne. The small batch process also allows for creativity in our hand worked labels and other ways to customize your bottle in order to feature unique and beautiful hardwood selections for both the front placard and the artwork featured on the back. We strive to find woods that are unique in color, grain, and density, while also capturing the feel of the scent, making each batch and bottle unique. This process also allows us to keep a tighter control on the aging of our stock and the freshness of our ingredients for future batches. 

 About the Artwork

Each bottle in our Small Batch series will feature a different work of original art. The artwork featured on the back of this bottle is an original  6 x 9” pen & ink by Artist Martha Conrad Bartz of Searcy, Arkansas. She was born and raised in Arkansas - From Jonesboro, to Stuttgart to Searcy - and is a 28 year veteran of the Arkansas Public Schools. She is leukemia survivor, a fighter,  and a story of inspiration, love, and trust in prayer to everyone whose life she has touched and whose path she has crossed. I am proud to call her my mother, and we are proud to partner with her on this new adventure. This piece of artwork was inspired by one of our favorite hunting spots just outside Bayou Meto. If you are interested in a full size copy of this print, please let us know.