The Bearded Feller Beard Competition - Arktoberfest - Oct 10th - Arkadelphia, AR

by Sean Conrad September 01, 2015

Come one, Come all! The Bearded Feller Beard Competition will be held at the Arktoberfest Festival, October 10th in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. 

The Arktoberfest 2015 Bearded Feller Beard Competition

CATEGORIES: Best Of Show, Longest Beard, Most Interesting Beard, Best Use of Baubles, Best Kept Beard, Best Moustache, and Best Effort

Best of Show: The beard to rule all beards! Come see if your whiskers have what it takes to woo the judges.

Longest Beard: You’ve devoted a significant chunk of your life to your beard, and it’s high time you were rewarded! Stretch it out and see if you measure up.

Most Interesting Beard: Look up amazing beards online, and you’ll see what we mean. If you can do it without decoration, you’re in the running! Have decorations? See the next category.

Best Use of Baubles: bau·bleˈbôbəl/ noun: 1. a small, showy trinket or decoration. 2. a baton formerly used as an emblem by jesters. Make us smile!

Best Kept Beard: Ladies like a man who takes care of his whiskers! Put that beard oil to good use and show us a well-kept beard that fits the man.

Best Moustache: Because hipsters.

Best Effort: Well, you know… Not everyone can rock a full beard, but everyone should try!


Best of Show: $100 and The Bearded Feller’s Bigger Beard Starter Gift Box (3 Beard Oils, 2 Boar Bristle Brushes, 1 Beard Wash, Barber Shears, Unbreakable Comb, and 3 Logo Travel Bags)

Category winner receives $50 and The Bearded Feller’s Big Bush Gift Set (Beard Oil, Beard Balm/Wax, Beard Brush, Beard Wash, Barber Shears, Unbreakable Comb, and 3 Logo Travel Bags)

JUDGING: Five impartial judges will rate participants’ beards and select five winners in each category. The top ten beards overall will be called back to the stage for another viewing, and the judges will select the best of show.


How do I enter? Select the Beard Competition entry when you purchase tickets for the festival and pay your $10 entry fee, or enter the day of the festival for $15 if space is still available.

What category should I enter? All beards will be judged in all applicable categories. For example, if you have baubles, you won’t be judged in the Most Interesting Beard category, but you would be judged in all the others.

What criteria will the judges use? These are certified pogonophiles we’re talking about. They know a good beard when they see it!

Can women compete? Are you kidding? Of course they can! But real beards only, please.

Sean Conrad
Sean Conrad